Cambodian Stilt houses.

Cambodia visiting Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang and Angkor Archaeological Park.

Angkor Wat looking totally impressive - Cambodia.The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in South East Asia and within the Indochina Peninsula - the country has long borders with both Thailand and Vietnam and is also bordered by Laos. Cambodia's 440km long coastline is to the south-west of the country and nestles against the Gulf of Thailand. The beautiful Mekong River cuts through part of Cambodia and in fact goes through the middle of Cambodia's capital city of Phnom Penh. Mainly populated by Buddhists, Cambodia is a democratic country which is overseen by a monarchy - the King has the right to appoint his Prime Minister for instance.
Cambodia - currency - ATMs - other info. Although Cambodia's currency is the Riel (KHR) you will find that everything - from hotel bills to supermarkets (and even paying for a tuk-tuk ride) all expect to be payed in US Dollars - the only sign of a Riel would be if any change under 1USD is necessary.
ATMs are widely available in Phnom Penh however all the ones we found would only issue currency in US Dollars - not a sign or option of getting any Cambodian Riel.
Cambodian time is G.M.T plus 7 hours and the international dialling code for the country is +855. There are usually plenty of police and tourist police wandering around popular visitor areas and locations. Useful phone numbers in Phnom Penh are:-
Fire: 118, Police: 117 and ambulance etc.: 119 and the passport office for non-Cambodians is 012 854 874

Siem Reap travel, attractions and sightseeing trips which can be done from the city:

The following are our topics about looking round the Temples and Ruins at Angkor Park in Cambodia:

Going to Phnom Penh in Cambodia - attractions in the City and things to do including day trips.

Attractions if visiting Battambang in Cambodia - things to do such as bike rides and a Bamboo Train Trip.

Cambodia Visas on arrival and in advance which are needed if travelling to Cambodia.

Huge garden and leisure area at Phnom PenhCambodia Visas - On Arrival. A tourist visa is required when entering into Cambodia which can be obtained on arrival at Phnom Penh and also at Siem Reap airports and at various border crossings. If travelling by boat up from Vietnam along the Mekong River the boat will stop off at the border for travellers to obtain visas there. Note that visas have to be payed for in US Dollars - a single entry visa is around USD20 plus USD3 "handling" plus a passport size photograph and the visa allows up to 30 days stay in Cambodia.
Cambodia Entry Visas in Advance. You can also get your visa before travelling - for instance at the Cambodian Embassy London.  Currently the price for this 30 day single entry visa is UKstg15 and the visa is valid to use over 90 days. Getting a visa before even leaving for Cambodia is probably the best bet rather than messing about in Qs and dealing with local officials. Once in Cambodia visas can be extended at Phnom Penh - the passport office phone number for non-Cambodians is 012 854874.
Please see our Phnom Penh and Siem Reap topics which have information about flights, buses and boats - i.e. a variety of ways of getting into the country depending on where you are coming from of course.

Leaving Cambodia and where to go to next if touring.

The exit fee once demanded at the airport when flying from Cambodia seems to have disappeared at least from view - now it's just automatically added on when you buy your ticket. If planning/continuing a tour in the Far East then you may be interested in our topics on countries close to Cambodia
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