Banteay Kdei Temple carvings at Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia

Banteay Kdei and Prasat Kravan Temples.

Prasat Kravan Temple Towers at Angkor Park, Cambodia

Visiting Prasat Kravan Vishnu Temple in Cambodia.

One of the smallest Temples in the area, Prasat Kravan is dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu and was built in the early 10th Century by Harshavarman I.
Surrounded by a small moat, Prasat Kravan Temple sits on a terrace and consists of five brick tiered towers - inside the temple there are some excellent engravings which represent Vishnu and Lakshmi.
Prasat Kravan Temple - Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Four armed Vishnu engraving at Prasat Kravan, Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia. Prasat Kravan engravings, Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia. Engraving of Lakshmi at Prasat Kravan - Angkor, Cambodia

Don't miss stopping off to see Banteay Kdei Temple at Angkor Park.

Often missed out by tourists and almost certainly most of the tour groups, Banteay Kdei (Citadel of the Cells) is a small pleasant Temple which should be visited if possible. This is not too difficult to do since it's situated very close to the much visited Ta Prohm Monastery.
Banteay Kdei Temple replaced an earlier temple and was constructed during the reign of Jayavarman VII and used as a Buddhist monastery. It's a fairly small complex and actually in a quite poor state of repair however there are some nice sculptures of Buddha in various poses and also some carvings of dancing girls (asparas). The several Gopuras (the towers at the entrance gates to the temple) just about show signs of how ornate they must have been at one time.
The inner courtyard at Banteay Kdei Temple, Angkor Angkor Park Temples - the Buddhist Banteay Kdei Temple. Banteay Kdei Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia. A gopura at Banteay Kdei Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia.
Dancing Girls at Banteay Kdei Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia. Banteay Kdei Temple, Angkor, Cambodia. Banteay Kdei Temple Banteay Kdei Temple
Banteay Kdei Temple Banteay Kdei Temple Banteay Kdei Temple Banteay Kdei Temple
Srah Srang Lake at Angkor Park, Cambodia.Banteay Kdei Temple Gate with a stone face carving, Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia.Outer entrance gate with stone face carving at Banteay Kdei Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia.If there is enough time then an idea is to be dropped off at Banteay Kdei's western gate and then to get your transport to go and wait for you at the Ta Prohm car park. You can then wander through Banteay Kdei Temple and at the far end (Eastern Gate) you come out opposite Srah Srang Lake (Royal Lake) - along which there are several stone ruins and foundations as well as a viewing platform - a popular spot to watch the sunrise. Turn left and walk along the road to the crossroads. Then turn left and follow the excellent outer walls of Banteay Kdei - where you will find several closed gates which feature some really good stone faces on the gopuras. At the next road junction turn right and shortly reach the car park and entrance to Ta Prohm.

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