Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia

Phnom Bakheng & Baksei Charnkrong - Angkor Temples pictures and visitor guide.

Phnom Bakheng Temple at Angkor, Cambodia.

The Hindu Temple of Phnom Bakheng takes a little effort to get too as it sits on a low 67 metre high hill so involves a 10 minute stroll up a track. Although this may not seem that much of a climb it is actually quite hard going in the heat and humidity especially if you have already been out all day sightseeing.
Phnom Bakheng Temple - near Siem Reap, Cambodia Phnom Bakheng Hindu Temple at Angkor Park in Cambodia. Phnom Bakheng - Angkor A shrine at Phnom Bakheng Temple - Cambodia.
A fire shrine at Phnom Bakheng Temple in Cambodia. Angkor area - Cambodia - Phnom Bakheng Temple Unlike many of Angkor's sites there are no facilities for buying drinks etc. at the top. The temple is a very popular tourist destination for tourists wishing to watch the sunset - especially with views over nearbye Angkor Wat. The photo bottom far right shows the remains of wide steps cut into the hillside - these were the original way up to the site and are not particularly walk able anymore. Phnom Bakheng is a Temple Mountain style of architecture often used on Khmer religious buildings and originally had 109 Towers. Phnom Bakheng was built in the late 9th Century by Yasovarman I who dedicated it to the Hindu God Shiva and was constructed in pyramid form with six tiers (it pre-dates Angkor Wat by around 200 years).
Phnom Bakheng Temple Mountain - Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Angkor - Phnom Bakheng - Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. The multi-tiered Temple of Phnom Bakheng - Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Steep steps built into the hill at Phnom Bakheng - Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia.

Angkor, Cambodia - Baksei Charnkrong is a rare pyramid-shaped Temple. Baksei Charnkrong or Pyramid Temple - Angkor Park, Cambodia

Baksei Charnkrong - Pyramid Temple - Angkor Archaeological Park.

Constructed in the first part of the 10th Century at the foot of Central Mountain (Phnom Bakheng), the Pyramid Temple - correct name is Baksei Charnkrong) - is unique amongst the many temples in the vicinity. It is somewhat hidden and easily missed by many tourists - it's located on the road between Anchor Wat and Angkor Thom - around 500 metres on the left before the bridge and South Gate entrance to Angkor Thom. Baksei Charnkrong was built around 908 AD - in 948 AD King Rajendravarman had a Sanskrit text engraved on its door jamb - the inscription is quite unique amongst the 1300+ known inscriptions from ancient Cambodian times and relates to the succession of Khmer Kings including pre-Angkor Ian.
The very top has five sanctuaries which are built from sandstone. When we visited the Temple there was a considerable amount of renovation work being performed so quite a lot of scaffolding around but you can still easily be impressed by it's design and size. There are several lots of steps leading up to the top terrace all of which are fairly fragile, very steep and extremely narrow in depth.

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