Phnom Penh Cambodia - The Royal Palace

Visiting Phnom Penh.

Generally about Phnom Penh City in Cambodia.

Located in Cambodia's South-central Region, Phnom Penh is bordered by several lovely rivers - The wide Mekong River, the Tonle Sap and the Bassic - the city is quite clean and spacey and a major destination for tourists. Phnom Penh in particular borders the Tonle Sab (Sap) and much of the area along the river is paved with lots of seating, flower beds and shrubs creating an excellent area to wander around especially during the evening following a nice meal in one of the numerous restaurants in the area. Phnom Penh seemed very easy and very safe to wander around at any time with plenty of gardens and seating areas within the City. A good source of information about the history and development of Phnom Penh and Cambodia right up to the present time can be found via wiki

Huge garden and leisure area at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

About Travelling too and from Phnom Penh - boats - buses - flights.

Flights to Phnom Penh - Phnom Penh Airport is located just 7 kilometres outside the city - there are direct flights available between Phnom Penh and Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and several times a week from Myanmar (Yangon)..

Travelling By Boat to Phnom Penh from Chau Doc Vietnam.

Fast and semi-fast boats ply along the Mekong River between Cambodia and Vietnam (Chau Doc) typically leaving between 0700 and 0830 hrs each morning for Phnom Penh and generally do the return trip at around 1300hrs. (important - if travelling from Cambodia to Vietnam remember you must have a valid visa in advance - you cannot get Vietnam Visas at the borders). The journey from Chau Doc really does vary in both cost and duration - from a cost point of view the most expensive by far is the Victoria Hotel Chau Doc boat (only available if staying at the hotel) - this can cost 100 USD however there are other far less expensive boats available - for around USD23. The length of the trip depends on the mood of the visa staff when you stop off to get your visa stamped on exiting Vietnam and then a few minutes later how long the Cambodian authorities sort out issuing their visa. When we did the trip the whole journey took just under 4 hours but it can take 5 or 6 or worse - it's just pot luck.
The docking area at Phnom Penh is quite insignificant - you hardly realise you have actually arrived at the City. There are usually taxis and tuk-tuks awaiting the boat arrivals - both varieties will probably quote quite ridiculous amounts to take you to your hotel (which they will try and tell you is many kilometres away etc.).A Tuk Tuk at Phnom Penh, Cambodia Therefore it's really worthwhile trying to work out just how far it is from the quay to your hotel before arriving) - probably around 5 USD for a 3 or 4 kilometre ride is plenty to pay.
Phnom Penh by Bus or Coach. Long distance buses operate out of a bus station located by the Central market - with direct connections possible to various locations including Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Siem Reap, Poi Pet and Battambang. The comfort level etc on these buses is pretty much reflected on how much you are willing to pay for your seat - it is usually advisable to book your seats in advance which can be done either at your hotel travel desk or at various travel agents (the latter are usually cheaper than the hotels).
various interesting buildings at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Still a few poor quality buildings in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Stilt houses in the fields outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Nice Phonm Penh Building - Cambodia

Phnom Penh Weather - climate and the best time to visit.

Generally Phnom Penh's climate is moderate to hot with temperatures easily reaching 38 to 40 degrees centigrade during the day and only dropping to around 20 degrees at night. The tropical climate has two variations i.e. wet or dry - monsoons arrive from the Indian Ocean between May and October with the weather being extremely wet and humid and therefore not too good for sightseeing. The dry season is between November and March and therefore ideal for tourists - with temperatures somewhat lower and also there is much less humidity.Independence Monument at Phnom Penh, Cambodia If you can be flexible a good time to take your holiday is probably mid February and throughout March - the tourist season is starting to ease back and its much quieter and easier to get around - and also even get seats in the restaurants without queuing.
Phnom Penh Hotels and Restaurants. There are plenty of hotels of all types and prices in Phnom Penh many of which can be found on the web - which generally seems to be the best way to get a good room price as opposed to just turning up somewhere. The hotels closest to the river front are generally quite expensive but you can get quite reasonable rates if happy to stay a little further into the city. The riverfront hotels are mostly old colonial style buildings often as not with balconies overlooking the river. Remember that tuk-tuks and taxis are widely available so getting back to your hotel will never be an expensive problem. There are numerous restaurants and cafes opposite the river area in Phnom Penh offering a wide variety of dishes from Indian to Thai to you name it. Prices generally are not too bad although Indian restaurants worldwide always seem to be more expensive than any other type. Prices for beer such as Tiger or local brews are quite cheap and often as not the numerous bars and small restaurants offer "happy hour" deals - happy hour in Phomn Penh generally lasting somewhat over 60 minutes!.

Places to visit and tour in Phnom Penh and getting around.

Wandering around the main part of the City is probably easiest and sometimes quickest by foot since the city roads are particularly congested in the early evening. There are many tuk-tuks and taxis around - taxis seem quite a waste of time and money if only wanting to go a few kilometres as they are often jammed up in the traffic. The tuk-tuk drivers are of course brilliant at whizzing around and through impossible gaps in heavy traffic and therefore a much better bet and considerably cheaper to use. Remember to agree your price before getting into any taxi or tuk-tuk and be clear your agreed price is for all passengers (and any luggage if applicable).
Phnom Penh attractions and things to do including day trips.
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