Ta Prohm Temple area and the -trees- at Angkor Cambodia

Ta Phrom Temple, Angkor Park, Cambodia - touring guide with pictures.

About Ta Prohm - Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia.

Ta Prohm - meaning Ancestor of Brahma - was originally a Mahayana Buddhist Monastery and built in the Bayon style during the reign of King Jayavarman VII. Originally a very wealthy Monastery dealing in silks, diamonds and pearls, Ta Prohm was a huge complex which once owned and was supported by 3000 villages, Ta Prohm temple was at it's peak thought to have had some 80,000 attendants, 18 High Priests and about 600 Temple dancers.
Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia. Inner area at Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia. The Buddhist Temple at Ta Prohm at Angkor. Ta Prohm Monastery - Cambodia.
Ta Prohm Monastery ruins in Cambodia. Ta Prohm Temple Banyon Trees, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia.Ta Prohm Temple building, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia.When you visit Ta Prohm there is a quite mysterious feel about the place - much of the dense forest and jungle has been cleared away but quite of a few of the temple buildings have been left with the roots of huge banyan trees growing through and around the structures. Not all parts of the site are reachable because of various collapses and also you do find yourself walking through narrow almost walled alleys which are often rubble strewn - therefore it's a good idea to have something reasonable on your feet when visiting Ta Phohm. The authorities have however built wooden walkways within the main parts of the monastery which due to the huge numbers of visitors is probably necessary but these walkways do mess up some "classic" photo shots. As with quite a few of the Temples and sites a fairly long, hot and dusty walk is necessary before reaching either of the two still accessible Monastery entrances.
Inner area at Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia. Temple shrines at Ta Prohm, Angkor Park. The Gallery at Ta Prohm and a huge tree holding it up, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. The Ta Prohm Monastery buildings at Angkor Park.
Part of the Temple at Ta Prohm in Cambodia. Massive Banyon tree at Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Banyon growing through Ta Prohm Temple. Ta Prohm Temple is probably one of the three sites at Angkor Park which between them attract the bulk of visitors - certainly all the organised day-trips will always stop off at the temple at some point. This makes just going out to visit the sites at Angkor on your own volition a much more enjoyable prospect - i.e. if you arrive at the temple and a coach load of people have also just arrived, then the walkways will be swamped for a while and seeing anything much becomes quite a pain.
If you are wandering around Angkor on your own of course, you can just go off to another adjacent temple or ruin and try again later.
Ta Prohm Temple Gallery, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. The entrance area at Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Ta Prohm Banyon Tree, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Ta Prohm ruins, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia.
The ruins at Ta Prohm Monastery in Cambodia. The temples and buildings at Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Ta Prohm temple Carvings, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia. Temple ruins at Ta Prohm, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia.

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